Center of Spatial Information Science

Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria - Nigeria

Development Frontiers in Crime, Livelihoods and Urban Poverty

The development-frontiers in crime, livelihoods and urban poverty (FCLP) is a one year (1st January to 31 December, 2018) DfID/ESRC funded project – a collaborative research involving researchers from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria and University College London (UCL) with Dr James Cheshire (UCL) as Principal Investigator and Prof Adamu Ahmed (ABU), Dr Tatiana Theime (UCL), and Dr Faisal Umar (ABU) as Co-Investigators. The project seeks to explore the spatial patterns, seasonality and inter-linkages of crime, livelihood and levels of socioeconomic deprivation in the city of Kaduna, Nigeria. With spatially referenced criminological and sociodemographic data obtained from the metropolis of Kaduna – urban planners, human geographers, sociologists, and statisticians are developing a platform for investigating trends in crime victimization. This is a mixed-method research that employs, on the one hand, ethnographic approach to the qualitative understanding of urban livelihood strategies, and on the other, a quantitative approach for mapping broader trends. The resulting work will highlight key development concerns related to sustainable livelihoods, social vulnerability and poverty to build an alternative account of ‘insecurity and crime’ in African cities where the lines between legality and illegality, formality and informality, licit and illicit work, are often blurred in practice.

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